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World First Packaging with Solar Cell-Powered OLED Screen

2016-01-06 679

The STI Group produces first packaging with solar cell-powered OLED screen for Green Production Technologies. Green Production Technologies is the title of a new compendium of German innovators and market leaders in the area of efficient technology. Standing together with the Federal Minister of Education and Research Dr. Annette Schavan, Dr. Manfred Wittenstein, president of the VDMA, presented the book on 19 April at the Hannover Messe.

One of Europe's leading packaging experts, the STI Group, was commissioned with designing and realising a limited edition slipcase that turns the book into something extra special.

The Solar Cell Power OLED display Highlight

The highlight: a solar cell-powered OLED screen that illuminates a portion of the slipcase and represent the world's first integration of this futuristic technology into the packaging of today.

The book is packaged using environmentally friendly corrugated paper made of FSC certified material and enhanced with various varnish effects, including an open-face corrugated inlay to offer an interesting contrast.

The slipcase houses the entire OLED technology, including solar cell and cabling.

OLED Displays, or Organic Light Emitting Diodes Displays

Oled displays blazing fast response times, wide viewing angles, exceptional color reproduction, outstanding contrast levels, and high brightness.

With more vivid, lifelike colors, better representation of fast action video, wider viewing angels, and much higher contrast ratios, Organic light emitting diode or Oled screens dramatically enhance the viewing experience. Each frame is sharp, each detail pops! Thats because this Oled display technology naturally refresh up to a thousand times faster than an LCD. Their color gamut can exceed NTSC standards. And this displays feature almost 180 degree viewing angle and in inherent contrast ratio of > 1.000.000:1

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