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LED Sports Perimeter Display Application

LED perimeter display application technology with the continuous development and improvement, LED perimeter display has become a necessary facilities of modernized stadium . MR with a wealth of experience, first-class technology, comprehensive services to customers around the world to provide a complete, reliable sports stadium LED perimeter display solutions.

Function of Sports LED Display
A Introducing player information, game status of reality. Large, clear screen broadcast the games, allow the audience sitting remote to watch the match easier.
B Connecting referee system, time scoring system, LED display screen real time game play time and score. c. Referees make the right decision based on the maintenance of the race fair, just to minimize unnecessary conflicts.
C Wonderful scenes, slow motion replay, close-ups, to bring the perfect visual feast.
DBroadcast of commercial advertising to match the scene icing on the cake, the perfect picture quality and sound effects to make the scene more shocking game and the atmosphere.
ED Sports Perimeter Display System Diagram
LED Sports Perimeter Display System Description

Solutions from the entire distribution system, video, audio processing system, control system, LED display and peripheral devices, each solution of the system configuration in accordance with the different requirements of customers, the following system description is for reference only.Our factory engineers will train local engineers on general maintenance and the operation of the software system.

LED Sports Perimeter Display Advantages of core technologies
A Single-pixel correction technique applied to each pixel, each module, each screen box and the whole body, so that the screen shows the effect of a perfect white balance.
BAutomated color calibration, color temperature adjustment function, parts per million to obtain the calibration allows you to live a perfect image.
C High refresh rate up to 2000Hz, made the LED display screen more stable and effective to prevent the filming of the stroboscopic phenomenon.
DProfessional sports player software, high-performance fiber-optic transmission, effectively reducing the broadcast signal in the process of delay to ensure the live broadcast and the synchronization system of accuracy appear.
LED Sports Display Stadium Application

Synchro broadcasting stage programme, broaden the view of the stage.

Broadcasting stage background picture, create a vivid, real and shock stage atmosphere.

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