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Introduction of LED display advertising media application

With the continuous mature of led technology, cost of led dives, then cost of led display declines significantly, which no doubt promotes the application of LED display. As the biggest application area of led full color screen at present - advertisement media industry open the upgrade prelude of traditional print ads.

With many years service experiences for home and abroad media clients, first-class production equipment, strict management and control processes, a unique service system, three-star price and four-star quality, we are willing to work together with these friends from the global advertising media industry to promote the popularization of LED displays and progree of advertising dissemination technology.

Application of LED display in advertisement media industry includes
Giant Screen:Building outdoor full-color giant screen in single or multiple business centers and major traffic areas to compose outdoor giant screen network which covers the whole city even whole country, such as domestic: Tulips, XIANGXIELI.
Giant display screen with strong visual impact, ultra-clear pictures, huge shock force, illustrate the strong charm of advertising. It is conducive to building and transmitting companies' brand image.
Small Screen and Midsize Display:Building small and medium-sized full color led display screen or moving message display in bustling streets and community to form a media network.
LED Display Advertising Solutions
Diagram of Controlling System Connection
Features and Advantages of Product
A We provide not only mounting bracket, but also the whole set of LED display system, which includes: controlling system, power (socket), software, accessories, installation structure drawings and other services.
B Cabinet design standardized makes the same cabinet dimension applicable to different requirements of display pixels, and make installation for advertising screens more convenient.
C LED cabinet lighter, thinner, save transportation cost.
D Unique waterproof cabinet design, according with protective standards IP65, can be directly installed in outdoor use.
E led display could be used under different climate zone all over the world. It can bear temperature -30℃-60℃. Our cabinet owns good moistureproof and corrosion resistance function, thus it could be used even in the high humidity and high salinity air environment.
F Outdoor LED display is brighter than 6000cd/M2, suitable for different installation environment. In product design, we always uphold the design concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.
GIntelligent environment controller can adjust screen brightness according to environment brightness.
HLED display solution Provide remote control and management. A monitoring center can achieve control of multiple LED advertising display screen.
ILED video control system contains double backup system. Once the malfunction occurs, customers can immediately switch to standby system.
J Company also provides related spare parts. All parts are modular design, which facilitate after-sales maintenance.
Advertising Applications of LED display screen products

Large-sized Display:

Setting up of large outdoor, full color screens in single or multiple business centers and major traffic areas and create a digital advertising network which covers an entire city or country. E.g.: Tulips, XIANGXIELI. GIVE international examples

Large LED screen with strong visual impact, clear image, intensifying the advertising message. It is conducive to building and transmitting companies' brand image.

Small- and Mid-sized Display:

Building small and medium-sized full color led displays or mobile message displays on busy streets and communities to form a media network.

Small display screen: strong market penetration, wide network coverage, direct access to consumer terminals, low investment, quick return, improved marketing communication

Broadcasting stage background picture, create a vivid, real and shock stage atmosphere.

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